With most people around the world practicing social distancing and choosing to stay at home, the pets are having the time of their lives (well, not so sure about cats).

They are getting constant love and attention, which must be rather exciting.

In one particular case, the excitement was way too much. 

A Twitter user by the name of Emma Smith recently took to the platform to share that her dog Rolo sprained his tail from 'excessive wagging'.

This was because everyone was home and he couldn't contain his joy. The family had to take him to a vet for a check-up, where they were told about the sprain, and I don't know where to place my feelings.

Emma also shared a couple of other videos of Rolo where he is happily playing and enjoying his life. Still finding it tough to lift his tail, though.

The tweet has 1 million likes, and thousands of responses where people shared pictures of their own pets.

Why is this news so happy, so sad, so cute - all at the same time? My heart!