We know it has been a longggg week, but trust us when we say this, these doggos will definitely make you realise that the weekend is just around the corner, with their ‘purfectly’ relatable mood. 

1. Walking out of my office on a Friyay like.

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That feeling when summer is coming

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2. Henlo hooman, please pass my laptop, have to start my binge-watching sessions. 

3. What I think I’ll do on weekends. 

4. How I actually spend my entire weekend. 

5. My mom trying to drag me out of bed after 2 pm on a Sunday. 

6. Eyeing Keanu Reeves with mah best frand.

7. Rolling to them clubs with mah homies on a Saturday night. 

8. Yeah, I’m on my 300th drink, you got a problem? 

9. Probably ate too much, definitely can’t move.

10. That’s me when my laptop discharges and I accidentally look at my reflection on the blacked-out screen.

11. What do you mean you’ve got ‘work from home’? Go away hooman, I don’t understand. 

12. When your alarm starts buzzing on a Saturday morning. 

13. When you get midnight munchies but you’re way too drunk to whip yourself a snack.

14. When someone from your family spots you drinking with bae. 

15. When someone tells me to adult on a weekend. 

16. When you have the weekend off but bae has to work on Saturday. 

17. When he calls me at 3 am but you’ve promised your best friend that you won’t reply. 

18. Me after coating my face with the 1000th layer of highlighter. 

19. When you get drunk but don’t have a hangover the next day. 

20. When she says, she likes bad boys.

21. When you accidentally fall asleep, breaking your binge-watch streak.

Have a cool weekend!