With our timeline flooded with inhumane acts of brutality, it is a rarity to come across a positive story where a human has helped another, or rarer still, a human rescuing an animal. 

A video has surfaced on the internet of a dramatic rescue operation. 

The video shows two bulls trapped in a 50-ft deep well, with people from the village breaking the wall around the well. It is as intense as it can get. The video was originally posted by Guardians of the Voiceless, which has since then been shared on multiple platforms. The Guardians of the Voiceless are an NGO working tirelessly towards animal welfare. 

According to the original post, the two bulls fell into the well while fighting over a female.

Irrespective of the reason, seeing so many human beings coming together to rescue these voiceless animals displays what humanitarian spirit is all about. 

Watch the dramatic footage here: