Human beings love to dress smartly for events like social gatherings, birthday celebrations, weddings, etc. 

But what sets dogs apart from humans is the fact that most dogs will look adorable in almost anything and everything they are wearing. 


Through Instagram, we look at some of the most handsome and adorable puppers who are not out of your ordinary stories but are characters far above that. 

So here we go! 

1. Chango the Handsome Pittie 

2. Remix the Miniature Schnauzer 

3. Trotter The Frenchdog 

4. Montjiro the Chihuahua 

5. Scrappy Doo the Dachshund 

6. Cookie the Red Poodle 

7. Digby Van Winkle 

8. Bodhi the Shibu Inu 

9. Piggy and Polly 

10. Nutello the Pug 

11. Tuna the Chiweenie

12. Otis Barkington the Boston Terrier 

13. Buddy and Boo the Pomeranian Dogs   

14. Maymo the Dog 

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happy hot dogs & hamburgers day everybody

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15. Honey I Dressed The Pug 

16. Violet the French Bulldog

17. Moem_n 

18. Eloise Closet 

19. The Selfie Pug 

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20. This Wild Idea 

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Stay warm friends 🔥❤️

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