After protests all across the globe, there have been a set of measures to control the production and use of single-use plastic and plastic products. 

Despite the conservation efforts, things have gone too far with the plastic menace and animals have been severely hit because of our unearthly habits. 

Cater News

Days after images of fishes and sea-turtles choking to death surfaced on the internet, a jaguar has been photographed while trying to eat a plastic bottle, in Pantanal, Brazil. 

Photographer Paul Goldstein captured the predator taking interest in the discarded plastic bottle. The wild jaguar, confused at first, tries to nibble and eat the bottle eventually. 

Daily Mail

Thankfully, the 3-year-old wild jaguar couldn’t penetrate the plastic bottle with his teeth. 

Speaking to Daily Mail, Paul said: 

This bottle would have floated downstream during the wet season but it must have had some scent to attract this boy. Guiding a dozen people to see jaguars in their own vast wetland back yard is and always will be a thrill, but scenes like this are not.

Further, Goldstein hopes the jaguar becomes the “poster child of plastic abuse and its hideous worldwide proliferation.” 

India Times

Ending on a serious note, he also added by saying: 

I hope this image shocks people but more importantly I hope it stirs politicians into action as drastic plastic abuse has reached tipping point. 
Daily Mail