India has an incredible wildlife. We have some of the most rare and beautiful species in our forests and this makes us distinctive from the rest of the world.

While most of us do not get the opportunity to see the diverse wildlife of India (let it be that way because humans will just destroy it), wildlife enthusiasts and photographers capture some incredible moments and bring it to us.

A Facebook user Rajendra Semalkar recently shared a series of never seen before kind of photos of 3 cobras. The pictures were clicked by him at Melghat, Harisal Forest in Maharashtra.

The pictures soon went viral and are being widely shared on Twitter and Facebook. It seems as if the cobras were ready for a pose.


Netizens can’t believe that this really happened because it’s too rare to even imagine this kind of scene.

Wildlife pictures from the interiors of India’s forests always make our day. Remember the image of a black panther from Kabini? Or that of the black panther and leopard pair?