Rodents are a pain to everyone and we want to get rid of them from our homes and shops. However, nothing gives anyone the right to torture rodents just for fun.


According to the Daily Mail, a shopkeeper from Mysore, Melahalli Ramanna, tied a mouse to a jar and beat it with a stick, because the rodent stole grains from his shop.


He tied the mouse like a ‘X’ with a green plastic rope and beat him with a stick continuously. The torture has been captured in a 32-second video by Ramanna’s friend. 

He beat the mouse so mercilessly that the jar he was tied to fell on the floor. The video ends there without revealing the fate of the mouse.


Ramanna was trying to catch the mouse for a long time as the mouse used to raid his shop every night, feeding on his groceries and destroying other items.

When finally he got hold of it, he tortured it, asking all the while if it would eat the flour and wheat again.


The friend shooting the video can be heard laughing in the background.

Animal welfare officer Anthony Rubin, from India, has branded the footage ‘disturbing’.

When speaking to the Daily Mail, he said:

“This is truly a disturbing video. I do not know where the world is heading. How can a person torture an animal like that? These people are a serious threat to the society and actions should be taken against this person so he knows what is right and what is wrong. This is not how animal should be treated. This is torture.”

These sort of sadistic acts should not be encouraged.

Please note the video might be disturbing to some viewers.