Man’s greed is taking a toll on nature and a recent video of an elephant being brutally beaten up is an evidence of human selfishness. 

In a brazen display of cruelty, the video shows three men beating up an elephant for no fault of his.

The men beat the elephant with a cane, whose front leg is tied to a tree. The helpless animal then succumbs to the torture, its hind legs are broken and it falls on the ground.

The beating is a part of the procedure called ketti azhikkal which is prevalent in South India. All four limbs of the elephant are tied to a tree and the animal is then beaten up hard causing severe wounds. 

This whole exercise is to break the animal’s spirit and establish human dominance. After mating season, the elephant’s testosterone gets very high. So the captors, who apparently work in the tourism trade, beat it up to let the animals know who is in charge.

As reported by the Daily Mail, this horrific video was filmed by an undercover supporter of STAE (Save The Asian Elephant).  

There are also many animal cruelty advocates who are saying that those who perform shows for the tourists need to control the animal for a living.

Duncan McNair, CEO of STAE, has urged visitors to shun the industry in order to protect the elephants.

All expect our government to act now, to tell Indias PM Narendra Modi to act, but also that we must require the UK travel industry to stop sending any tourists to unethical Asian elephant holidays where their wild nature is “broken” such that they will submit to unnatural tourist activities like riding, painting, football, tightrope walking and other close contact.

Click here to watch the video.