When one holds the position of a parent to a toddler and to a dog, it is warranted that one should possess the basic know-how to make judgements on handling them both.

Safe Bee

Toddlers are known to act in their own erratic ways. On the other hand, dogs are more composed and full of unconditional love. Obviously, dogs cannot speak the human tongue and the low growls are the only way they can express their dissent.


Recently, a Quora user’s dog had to put up with being repeatedly punched by the woman’s pesky toddler. And the composed creatures that dogs really are, just let out a warning growl to show its displeasure.

Any person who’s sane would correct the actions of the toddler and be glad that the canine didn’t respond in a more violent manner. But the person couldn’t quite grasp the basic concept and had to be set straight by Quorans.

It’s high time that people like her teach their bite-sized bullies how to respect animals.