Disclaimer: This article contains images that might be disturbing for some people. Reader’s discretion is advised.

While we were joyously flying kites on Makar Sankranti, this picture of a dead parrot was posted on the internet.

In the tweet, you can see a parrot hanging by the manja thread used to fly kites. While flying kites paint the sky a wonderful colour, the festival also has a sad dark side to it. 

A lot of birds end up losing their lives due to the usage of manja/Chinese threads and it’s sad to know that our joy is the reason behind this.


This is not a new problem and just like everything else we do, this also brings harm to the animals and birds around us. It’s time we started celebrating festivals responsibly.

The tweet also grabbed people’s attention.

Although Chinese manjas have been banned, their rampant use continues to harm birds flying in its path.