Guinea pigs are cute, round, snugly and cuddly, in my opinion. But, if you think otherwise, here are 20 pictures of these adorable creatures that will prove you wrong. Thank god for their existence!

1. Welcome to my house hooman.

2. Just taking a quick nap. Got a problem?

3. I am ready to meet my prince charming.

4. Happily married?

5. How do you like my hat?

6. Those who eat together, stay together.

7. Can you touch your toes to your nose?

8. What you looking at? Stop admiring my cuteness.

9. Just in case it rains…

10. Hooman, do I have fever?

11. Outdoor adventures are scary but who said I am not brave?

12. Will this lipstick shade suit me?

13. I don’t think pigmum sees me.

14. No, I am not on the menu.

15. Snack time!

16. Just giving pigmum a little surprise.

17. Game face on!

18. Maybe I need a hair cut?

19. Paint me like one of your French girls.

20. I have the cutest little mouth. Agreed?

Cute is just an under statement.