Here’s what’s GREAT about tomorrow: A morning pool date with your furry pal/companion where both of you get to splash around in the pool along with other four-legged awesomeness and their hoomans. But this gets even better. While you have your breakfast, your dog is treated to cupcakes and chilled beer, and that, my friend, is something you can’t miss.


Puppychino and Pet Home Boarding have come together in Delhi to create this lovely woof-time where your furry friends can beat the heat with some crazy splashes in the pool. Sundays don’t have to be lazy anymore!


Apart from the uninterrupted pool time, there’s the 3-acre farmhouse that your pooch gets to run around in and play some crazy fun games such as the musical chair, lemon and spoon, and the best-behaved dog. The winner gets some amazing goodies by Puppychino. 


What more? You also get to meet the owners Asha and Arun who live in the farmhouse with their dogs. In conversation with ScoopWhoop, Arun remarked,

We are very excited about the event as this doggie pool party is a first of its kind. When we first started, we took a loan and those were difficult times but we simply love what it has grown to be.

The charges for this event are Rs. 300 for the hooman but your pooch gets a free entry since it’s a dawg party after all. However, if you are torn between which one of your pooches to go on a date with, don’t be. Bring all of them!

And while you make friends with the fellow dog parents, your pooch gets to make new friends for the play-dates to come later. If you are still not convinced (which BTW, you shouldn’t be), consider this: 

When was the last time you took your furry bae out on a date? Been long? We thought so. Get over here already.


Here’s what you need to know to get here:

When: July 30

Where: Pet Home Boarding, Juanapur, New Delhi

Timings: 8 AM to 11 AM

For more information, hit up their Facebook page.