Life at Kenya's Maasai Mara was routine with animals and tourists dwelling together to experience the country's wild side.

Until, something unique caught everyone's eye.

Maasai Mara Reserve
Source: Grant Ordelheide

According to The East African, a photographer was in for a surprise when he first spotted an incredibly rare black-spotted zebra.

Antony Tira, the renowned tour guide & photographer posted a picture of the black foal on the camp's Facebook page.

Tira - spotted foal
Source: The East African

An Indian photographer Rahul Sachdeva, 41, too spotted the zebra and clicked pictures, which soon caught everyone's attention on social media.

Rare spotted baby zebra
Source: Lad Bible

Said to be born with a condition called melanism, the zebra was born with a build up of dark pigmentation.

Sadly for the locals, they've never seen a zebra with such a condition survive for more than 6 months.

rare baby zebra with her mother
Source: Lad Bible

According to scientists, stripes in zebras are formed when the melanin in the body is held back.

This means, a zebra is black by default and has white stripes.

rare baby zebra with her mother
Source: Lad Bible

The baby zebra has now been named after the photographer who first spotted the rare beauty and will be called Tira.

Tira now has spots that appear as polka dots.

Tira - baby zebra, the centre of attraction in Kenya
Source: Lad Bible

The rare animal attracted a humongous crowd of tourists and photographers, causing a stampede situation near the Mara River in the reserve.