Gone are the days when, ‘You’ll live a dog’s life,’ was an insult. Because this Instagram account, Rich Dogs Of Instagram, has taken it upon itself to show what a rich life some dogs live.

Check it out. And cry.

Private jets, anyone?

 I don’t even.

 Such privileged bitches.

 *Must stop feeling jealous*

 Look at that spread.

 Now imagine living here. ‘Cause you can only do that.

 LV crazy dogue. 

 Please don’t tell me that is a private jet?

 Or this one!


 Sigh. Kill me already.


 *Deep breaths*

 *Deeper breaths still*

 Such class. Much wow. 

 Get in the car loser, we going shopping!

“What up?” “Oh nothing much, just hanging around my ride”

 Imagine waking up to this?

 Or living like this?

 Luxe be like. 

Seriously, your jacuzzi, swanky car, and that latest iPhone are zilch. Because after all that, it is a dog’s life for YOU and not these dogues! 

Who let these dogs out?