This lockdown has proven to be a boon for animals.

With humans locked inside their homes, while wild animals got the chance to roam freely, pet animals at a shelter home in Texas were taken on a field trip to a zoo.


Animal Defense League is a non-profit organization that provides shelter to abandoned and abused dogs & cats.

Last month, the organisation gave its cats and dogs a chance to meet a variety of other animals like lions, leopards, monkeys, giraffes, etc. at the San Antonio Zoo.


Now, it was a unique encounter for these pet animals who had never seen these creatures in the zoos.

While some wagged their tails seeing their new friends, others were in awe of them.


Speaking to Boredpanda, Development and Marketing Manager for the Animal Defense League of Texas (ADL), Michelle Thorson, elaborated on the experience. He said:

All the animals were able to have such a unique experience with this event and it was enthralling to see them interact with each other. Our kittens were in awe of the Hippos and fish, while Ella, the 6-year old black lab-mix thoroughly enjoyed watching the gibbons swing from rope to rope.

ADL and the San Antonio Zoo, both faced several fundraising challenges during the pandemic. This field visit was an effort towards raising community awareness, while also enriching the animals, both at the shelter and zoo.


You can watch the video of their field trip here. Also, those willing to foster, adopt or donate, click here.