Supermodel and actor Elena Fernandes is in news for flying her 7 adopted cats from Mumbai to London for a better life with her family. 

Elena took to Instagram recently, and posted stories showing the cats in their crates, before boarding the flight.

NDTV/Elena Fernandes

She also thanked British Airways, Customs Commissioner and Furry Flyers (a pet relocation service provider).

NDTV/Elena Fernandes

In an interview given to the Times of India, Elena said:

These cats, rescued over a year, were found in a poor state of health and some were injured on the streets. Now, I am happy to take them all with me to my central London home in Bayswater. Since my parents also live there, it will be easier to take care of all my adopted pet cats.
Times of India

While adding that her friends call her pets ‘Slumcats Millionaires’ because they are moving to Bayswater, which is close to Kensington Palace in London.

Elena also stressed on poor state of affairs in India for strays, saying that it’s heartbreaking to see innocent animals being killed for no reason.

There is a lot of animal cruelty here, especially with local community cats and dogs. Often, kittens and puppies are cruelly dumped by the roadside by animal haters, who do not want them anywhere near housing societies. Also, sometimes rash drivers run over the animals as they don’t care to slow down, despite seeing them on the road. I can’t see these innocent furry beings suffering like this.

Her cats’ names are: Garfield, Murphy, Mischief, Sooty, Sweep, Disney and Patches.

We hope that these furry animals enjoy their lives in London and props to Elena for looking after them so well.