If you like dogs and travelling, photographer Honza Řeháček is your guy. 

This Czech man loves travelling and makes sure his dog Sitka travels with him to all these places. You hear that Jon Snow, you stupid shit in the North?

Look at that face!

Music, sunset and your best friend. What more could one ask for?

'Ssup Hooman?'

Huh, Sitka's got good manners!

That doesn't look like chimken nuggers.

#Sunset #ContemplatingLife #ThinkingAboutDinner


Smells like freedom!

That weather can make anyone sleepy. 

Isn't he the 'goodest' boy ever? 

Alright, that's the spot!

Mr. Fancypants!

That smile. That damn smile!

These pictures have officially made my day!

All the pictures have been sourced from Honza Řeháček's Instagram account.