Name a creature that’s cuter, cuddlier and more loyal than a dog. I’ll wait. Jitna bhi try karlo Bunny, but you’ll get all sorts of dhokha from this zaalim world. But dogs. Cue sobs on seeing puppy eyes. 

Doggos deserve ALL the love in the world. And this woman made sure they get it. Rajni Shetty, a Mangaluru resident, feeds not ten or twenty stray dogs everyday, but 800. She cooks more than 60 kgs of chicken and rice to feed them. And goes around the city to find those cuties and serves them fresh meat. Now that’s how you feed em’ with kindness. 

Rajni not only feeds stray dogs, but also tends to their injuries and treats their wounds and ailments. She gives them medicines when they are ill or ailing, and applies antiseptics on their open wounds.

While traveling by a bus, one day, Rajni saw a stray dog begging for food. The dog had eaten a piece of paper in which food of a nearby shop had been packed. Seeing this broke her heart. She immediately got off the bus and fed the poor darling with omelette from the shop. And it’s been 15 years now, but this never stopped. Over the years, she has rescued over 2,000 animals, that includes dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. Clearly, not all heroes wear capes!


Rajni climbs down wells and crawls into drains and sewers to rescue any animal that she sees is in danger or stuck in an unhealthy environment. She has now garnered support from public as well, as people have noticed her effort and sought to put forth a helping hand. 

As the lockdown proved to be an even bleaker time for stray dogs, Rajni became their messiah, as she would cook the chicken and go to feed the dogs around Mangaluru, without fail everyday. Her husband, who’s a taxi driver, and three kids also help her in achieving this remarkable feat, where the prize is seeing the doggos fed and content and happy!

Mangalore Meri Jaan

We do need more people like Rajni, who restore our faith in humanity. Animals deserve to live well with dignity as much as we humans do, and the earth belongs to them.

And again, dogs deserve all the love in the world, so let’s make it a beautiful place for them!