The state of DC live action films is piss poor. And while Aquaman's trailers look promising, we must remember that Justice League had given us similar hopes. But then again!

But hey, it's not DC comics' fault. DC might not be able to compete with Marvel in terms of their cinematic universes but their animated films are a different story altogether. 

1. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Barry Allen, tormented by the Reverse Flash, goes back in time to save his mother and in turn changes everything mankind had ever known. 

Source: DCComicsScenes

He wakes up to an alternate reality where the world is on the brink of collapse as a murderous Wonder Woman leads the Amazonians in a war against Aquaman's Atlanteans. 

2. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 2 

Batman returns to Gotham after years of absence. In these lost years, the Dark Knight has been forgotten and reduced to a rumour; a mere story of horror. 

If you were disappointed by Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, you need to watch this to see the true battle between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. 

3. Batman: Under The Red Hood

There is a new criminal in town; someone who has the training and the knowledge of Batman's identity and his methods. The Red Hood, unlike the Dark Knight, has no qualms about killing. 

Source: Gabriel Danvers

Subsequently, as they face off, old wounds surface and Batman ultimately fights the one foe he himself created. 

4. Justice League: Doom

The immortal Vandal Savage attemps to start a new civilisation by exterminating a part of the population. So he joins hands with Mirror Master to hack into the Batcomputer to steal contingency plans in order to incapacitate the members of Justice League. 

Superman is faced with Kryptonite as Bane buries Bruce Wayne alive. The movie is hardcore and gives you an insight into the mind of the Dark Knight. 

5. Batman: Year One

Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after 12 years abroad, training for his eventual war on crime. 

Source: Comics Alliance

This is the story of Batman Begins. Albeit, with Jim Gordon as the lead. 

6. Batman: The Killing Joke

After a series of criminal activities in the city, Batman goes to Arkham Asylum to investigate the Joker, only to realise that the madman had escaped. 

Source: Stream Community

Joker meanwhile attacks Barbara Gordon and her father Commissioner Jim Gordon. He shoots Barbara in the stomach, paralysing her from the waist down. He takes Jim to an abandoned amusement park, strips him naked and tortures him by showing photos of a naked Barbara being tortured. 

7. The Death of Superman

Superman and Doomsday fight all over the city destroying each other throughout the process.

Source: Blazing Minds

As the name suggests, Superman does die. But do watch it, to witness the wrath of Doomsday and the true powers of Superman. 

8. Justice League: Dark

Add Constantine to the mix and you can spice up any DC movie with the realms beyond reality. 

Source: Warner Bros

After a series of murders in Metropolis, Gotham and Washington D.C, the Justice League find out that dark arts are involved and decide to call in John Constantine. 

9. Son of Batman

At the headquarters of the League of Assasins, Ra's Al Ghul trains his grandson Damien Wayne to be his successor. However, the league is attacked by Slade Wilson (Deathstroke), Ra's original choice of successor. Slade, in a feat of anger, defeats Ra's and burns him to death.

Source: Movie Web

Following this, Talia Al Ghul takes her son Damien to Gotham City to meet his father Bruce and asks for his protection. 

10. Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

In an alternate universe where the villains are the good guys, Lex Luthor and Jester (Joker) attempt to steal the Quantum Trigger. 

Source: DC Comics News

The Jester, however, sacrifices himself to allow Luthor to steal the device, who activates it and finds himself on another Earth with the Justice League. The League then decide if they want to fight the problems of another Earth when they have so much to do on their own. 

We know that we might have missed out on a few fan favourites. So let us know and we will add them to the list.