1. When you're craving chicken but it's a Tuesday

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2. When you're late for work but the metro is way too crowded.

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3. When you are set to go on a trip but dad says no at the last moment.

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4. When there is less papdi in bhalla papdi chaat.

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5. When there is a chance you might get laid but you're not carrying a condom.

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6. When you end up posting the same photo 5 times on social media because you thought the internet was not working.

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7. When the beer isn't cold enough on a hot summer day.


8. When there is traffic on the roads you least expect.

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9. When you are all dressed up but it starts raining the moment you step out.

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10. When the announcement in the metro goes like"Iss yatra seva main thoda vilamb hoga, asuvidha ke liye humein khed hai".

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11. When the ATM machine runs out of cash.

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12. When all the FM stations are playing ads at the same time.

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13. When mom asks you what you'd like to eat but ends up making khichdi.

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14. When you break your chappal and can't find a mochi.

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15. When the teacher is absent but there is a substitute one coming.

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16. When you're watching a cricket match on TV and the electricity goes off.

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