It's been over a week since all the episodes of Mirzapur dropped on Amazon Prime Video and I have already binge-watched the entire show. Folks all over the social media are obsessed with its characters and the gripping storyline. Mirzapur's popularity and cult fan following reminded me of a certain show that matches up to the rather high bar set by it, a show that has been ruling over our hearts since years. The show is none other than...

The characters in Mirzapur are as ruthless as that of GOT (if not more). In my head, I could draw parallels between them and even imagine a universe that was a mix of Mirzapur's gritty vibes and Game of Thrones' supernatural characters. Now that my imagination was already running wild, I began to reimagine Mirzapur's characters as GOT characters and boy, the result was priceless! Take a look: 

1. Kaleen Bhaiya as Cersei Lannister, because the thirst for power sees no gender

Ruthless, power hungry and cocky- nothing is off limits for neither Cersei nor Kaleen Bhaiya. They don't think twice before wiping off anyone who comes in their way (and have no qualms about it either). 

2. Munna Tripathi as Joffrey Baratheon, ruthless sons who followed the footsteps of their ruthless fathers

Violent, psychotic and blinded by the power, these are the two sons of powerful men who went as far as assassinating their loved ones. 

If GOT and Mirzapur were Greek tragedies, Ned Stark and Ramakant would be the heroes and their tragic flaw will be their ethics and morals. Following one's principles to the T is one thing, but following them even when you know it might land you in trouble, is another.  

No battle can be won without scheming and plotting. These two men used copious amounts of grey matter to wipe out their enemies and proved that the brain can give the muscle a run for its money, any day! 

Subdued by the voices of powerful men around them, both Beena and Margaery eventually found the strength to follow their hearts and free themselves from the shackles of patriarchy. Modern-day feminist icons? You bet! 

6. Guddu Pandit as Khal Drogo, because you need muscle power when the brains fail

Both Khal and Guddu are strong men in their respective universes. Their physical strength comes to the rescue when intellectual brains around them hit a roadblock. Both of them are loyal to their masters and protective of their clan. Both of them have a short fuse and needless to say, no one would dare mess with them!

IDK about you, but now I can totally relate Mirzapur with Game of Thrones. These were the two shows which sent the audiences in awe of their amazing plot and powerful performances. They have found a permanent place in the heart of the viewers and continue to amaze many of us till date. They have characters that stay with us long after we are done watching these shows. Oh, and both have endings that gave us plenty of sleepless nights!

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Designs by Kumar Sonu.