Call it heights of extravagance or just an effort to keep up with the VIP status, time and again we hear stories of car number plates selling for crazy amounts.

The latest news comes from Delhi where a fancy car number plate was sold for a whopping Rs 16 lakh at an e-auction. The 'VIP' number plate bearing car registration number '0001' was recently bought by a private hospitality firm in an online auction conducted by Delhi government's Transport Department.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, the “0001” series number plates have always been in demand in Delhi and fetched Rs 12.50 lakh and Rs 12.10 lakh  in 2014 and 2015 respectively. 

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VIP number plates in Delhi have always been in demand. Earlier the auction process was done manually but after 2014, the transport department made the process online. In the past three years, the department has earnedy Rs 1.83 crore just by e-auctioning the number "0001" in different series, reports The Times of India.

The department has set a minimum reserve price of all the sought after registration numbers:

The demand for fancy number plates is popular not only in Delhi but also in other states, especially Punjab where it is seen as a status symbol by rich businessmen and farmers. One of the most popular numbers is '007' which is the code name of the legendary fictional spy James Bond. 

Here are some interesting cases of people's obsession with VIP number plates:

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