Going bra-less has been a thing for quite some time now. Bra-less women burning the bra and releasing their breasts and woman-kind from society's expectations has given the damn bra way too much attention. And all this while, no one's even wondered about those uncomfortable panties... just waiting to be acknowledged.

Enter Quora. Someone posted asking people if they'd ever gone panty-less, and the answers were pretty interesting.

Warning: Some of the following images may be graphic in nature and NSFW

In fact, even the men of Quora got in on the action about their stories of going 'commando'.

"Actually, come to think of it, I HAVE gone commando. Shortly after I moved to Pullman for college, I came home from my shift at work. Suddenly, I had to use the restroom, to be exact.
But my card wouldn’t open the restroom door (in the building I lived in at the time, you needed your student ID to open the restroom door).
So I sh*t my pants, as I ran down 8 flights of stairs for the lobby restroom- and I was wearing my last clean pair of boxers.
I cleaned myself up in the lobby restroom, and when I returned to my dorm room I proceeded to go commando with a rather baggy pair of pants (because I didn’t want to advertise to my neighbors that I was bare-cock in a public area) while I did my laundry.
Once I had clean boxers, I donned underwear once more."

But hey, let's not take their word for it. Tell us what you think on the matter of going commando!

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