Remember the American teenager who had to celebrate her 18th birthday alone? Like every other teenager in the world, Hallee Sorenson (who has autism) was looking forward to celebrating her birthday with classmates but not a single one made it. This broke her heart and her cousin, Rebecca Guildford, was quick to put up a post on Facebook about this.

Well the Internet seems to have taken this into their own hands and they've flooded her mailbox with over 10,000 postcards and gifts. The household also received a visit from a family en route to Louisiana, who stopped by to give Sorenson a card and balloon.

We had already spoken about this incident and YOU have upheld humanity here. You've made us proud, guys. 



The number of gifts are so huge that they are now being put in crates and transported through trucks. Even though her birthday is on 2nd July, the celebrations seem to have started early because you've made it possible.

Source: Facebook


Maybe the internet is not that  bad a place after all.