Sponsored by Droom

We all know that road safety is not something to be taken lightly, especially in a country like India. But still, that doesn’t stop many of us from being reckless on the road. In fact, over-speeding claimed 57,844 lives in 2016 alone – a number which is as alarming as it is tragic. And when Droom decided to do something about the problem, they came up with a solution that actually checks out!

Because when it comes to being devoted towards the almighty, few can match the zeal of us Indians.

We may not always listen to our friends, teachers or even parents, but most of us have a special corner for whichever supreme deity we believe in. If only we could talk to them, right? Well, that’s not really possible (unless you’ve found salvation, of course). But courtesy Droom, you can still actually hear the voice of God in your car. 

Because cars sold through Droom now come fitted with idols of Gods. And while that is quite common in Indian cars, these are not your regular idols because as soon as the driver’s foot gets too accelerator-friendly, these idols tell him/her to calm down. 

And given the value most of us hold in our hearts, for God, I think, we can certainly expect this innovative idea to bring about a positive change in the attitudes of Indian drivers.

And now take a look at how God is always watching you, even while you’re driving: