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Let’s get one unpleasant truth out of our system from the get-go; Indian driving habits aren’t the most judicious or the safest in the world. Truth be told, every state has its own hellscape of driving. From speeding to careless driving, we’re worthy of many accolades, all barring road safety. And while any Indian driver would be gracious to pin the blame on others. But before pointing fingers at everyone else, let’s take a moment to share the blame game.

To prove this, Nissan conducted a survey on the driving habits of Indians and it’s holding up the much-needed mirror of reality. Have a look at the survey if you still don’t believe me:







To help Indians get better at driving, Nissan implemented the finding of the survey into something really cool. They came up with a nifty app called NissanConnect to help keep a check on loved ones, should they break traffic rules. It can also track your car’s location and alert you about curfews. Watch this video to know more about its amazing features.