If you roll up your sleeves, keep your eyes on the target and put in all the hard work, there's nothing that you can't achieve.

Exemplifying such excellence, 16-year-old Aafreen Shaikh, whose father drives an auto to make a living, has achieved a brilliant score of 98.31 percent in her 10th boards. 

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Recently, the results of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) were announced. Over 7.75 lakh students had appeared. Aafreen, a student of FD High School in Ahmedabad’s Juhapura, is only a few marks short of the top score.

After acing the 10th boards, Aafreen now wants to focus on getting into a medical school. 

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Speaking to ANI she said:  

I studied regularly for 6-7 hours. I want to pursue MBBS in the future. My parents always dreamt of making me a doctor and I will surely fulfil their dreams.  
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Even though the family is not economically sound, Shaikh Mohammad Hamza says that he always gave equal opportunities to his daughters. 

Hamza, who drives an autorickshaw to run a family of four, is ready to make every effort to realise his daughter's dream to study medicine. He told TOI

I nurture a family of four and will do all that I can to educate my daughter and fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. We’ve never differentiated between a girl or a male child and I will be the proudest if my daughters study and become independent. I am trying to arrange for financial assistance so that Aafreen can pursue a career of her choice.

Good luck, Aafreen!