Fans of Baahubali had been asking for more since the two-part movie series concluded last year. And it looks like the Netflix gods have listened to their prayers. Netflix on Thursday announced a prequel to the period drama.

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Baahubali: Before the Begining will comprise of 9 episodes and is based on Anand Neelakantan’s book, The Rise of Sivagami. It will focus on her growth from a rebellious and vengeful girl to the queen she is known to have become. 

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Meanwhile, SS Rajamouli, Baahubali's director said:

The world of Baahubali is extensive and immersive with strong characters and larger than life kingdoms. The films Baahubali -The Beginning and The Conclusion, are from one story set in this world and more dramatic stories were broadly conceived while building the Universe. The Baahubali Series, a prequel to the films, is one such story.
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The series will also focus on the power and politics involved in the rise of Mahismati from being a city-state to the empire we know about. The series will also borrow from the narrative style of the movies, including its high production values and incredible visual effects. 

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So cheer up Baahubali fans. It's not over yet.