Delhi's Air Quality Index stands at 380 today. For those living under a rock, that is classified as 'Very poor'. Inspite of which no steps have been taken so far to caution the citizens. It's a weekday. So schools, colleges and offices are on as usual. 

Source: India Today

Bangkok, on the other hand, has shut down schools for the rest of the week due to unhealthy air pollution levels in the city. As many as 437 schools have been declared shut after officials said that the pollution levels are to continue till next Monday. 

Source: Irish Times

Mind you, just a couple of days ago, it was reported that people had been coughing and sneezing blood after a thick smog had engulfed the city. 

Source: The Straits Times

Nutthawut Sirichainarumit, a resident of the Thai capital shared a photo of blood in his hand which came out after he sneezed on January 15. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said:

I sneezed all night and it was the even worse when my sneeze had blood the next morning. I was totally shocked because I never sneezed blood before in my entire life. I believe the dust is to blame.
Source: Twitter

And mind you, all these things happened when the Air Quality Index had reached 170

Source: Twitter

So why aren't we taking any precautions in Delhi? And unlike Bangkok, we have been suffering from a thick smog for quite some time now. 

Source: Outlook India

This has been the case pretty much all winter. So why hasn't the government taken any concrete steps in the matter?