A desired haircut is as elusive as true love because barbers and hairdressers never get what you are trying to convey. 

You see, there is a barber universe, where 'please trim one inch' means 'I don't want hair on my head'.

Source: Gifer

But this Chinese barber was different. He wanted to give his customer the haircut of his life.

So when the customer showed him a video of a model whose hairstyle he wanted to copy, he gave him the cut, WITH the play button because he saw it on the screen.

Source: Weibo

 No joke, the guy goes around with two triangles on either side of his head. 

The news became viral when a person named Tian Xiu Bot shared the photos on Weibo, Chinese Twitter-like platform. 

Source: Weibo

He posted the pictures and joked:

The friend saw a nice haircut on the Internet and paused the video for the barber. The barber accurately restored it. There are not so many rigorous hairdressers like this left.
Source: Weibo

Soon, people also started commenting on the post (they are all in Chinese and Google translate is giving weird results). 

Source: Weibo

Apparently, the barber asked the guy if he wants the 'button' and he said yes because he couldn't understand what he meant. 

Hairlarious, to say the least!