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Based On The Cities You’d Want To Visit In 2019, Can We Guess What Kind Of A Traveller You Are?

When it comes to travel, there are either true wanderlusts who'll pack their bags and get ready to hop on a fight across the country on an hour's notice or those who will need a notice of 7-8 business days and will end up canceling the plans anyway. There are some who would happily go on a solo trip to far off lands and some who'll not leave a single member of their ever-growing joint family even when they're going out for a short trip. Needless to say, India has a plethora of travellers with different needs, interests and let's face it, all of them are special. The good folks at OYO understand that. So, whatever kind of traveller you might be, you can always find OYO Hotels and Homes right where you are.

And to celebrate the diverse travellers of India, OYO came up with OYOpedia 2018, which celebrated the unique interests of all the travellers. So to celebrate the unique traveller in you, we've come up with this fun quiz, which purely based on your travel choices, will tell you what kind of traveller you are. 

So hop on the plane, fasten your seat belts and take the quiz. I promise it's going to be one helluva of a ride!

1. Which of these off-beat destinations would you choose if you were to go on an impromptu road trip next year? 

Leh, Ladakh 

Shimla to Manali via Mandi 

Delhi to Agra via Yamuna Expressway 

 Chennai to Pondicherry along East Coast Road  

2. Exams just ended and your college buddies want to go on a trip to release the stress and blow off some steam (no pun intended). Which place would you prefer the most?

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 

3. What is one travel essential without which your trip is incomplete? 

My phone, duh! How else will I post pictures?

My full wardrobe

A toothbrush and a soap bar 

A clean pair of clothes as experiences matters

4. You are exploring a rainforest with your friends and realize that you’ve lost your way. You…

Use Google maps, duh! 

Try to keep everyone calm and get help 

Panic. Just the thought of that freaks me out!

Use my direction sense to get them out!

5. You have a trip planned with your family to Vrindavan and all of a sudden your gang of friends plan a Kasol trip. What would you do?  

Blow off my family obviously 

Tell my friends to postpone the plan

Ask my family to postpone the trip. The Horror 

Family. Comes. First.

6. On an average, how many trips do you go on every year? Or how many trips did you go on in 2018?

Like a 100? #WanderLustForLife 

One each month...I guess? 

Umm...2 would be the number 

None. There's much more to life than travelling. 

7. You just won a contest and can now go on a trip to a destination of your choice and take as many people you want with you. You..

Take my entire family on the trip 

 Go solo

Take my friends (Read: squad) along 

Make it a romantic affair


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