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Based On These Simple Questions, Can We Guess What Kind Of A Friend You Were In College?

Those of you who are not in college anymore, chances are that you miss those days a lot and would probably give up on anything to have them back. And, for those of you who are still in college, make the most of your days because you will miss them more than you miss your school days. Take my word on that! What makes college life memorable is the friends we make and the moments we share with them. The chats that go on for hours after college, the unlimited break time, the bunking classes and going for a movie, making spontaneous plans of a trip - all this makes college one of the most cherished times of lives. So, we are taking you down the memory lane with this fun quiz which tells you what kind of a friend you were in college. I got the ‘class clown’ and TBH, that’s pretty accurate for me. Take the quiz and get ready to be surprised!

1. One of your best friends in college who you thought was ‘just a friend’, asks you out. What will you do?

2. Which of the following millennial slangs are you most likely to use?

3. Which of the following drinks match your personality the most?

4. Which emoji do you use the most?

5.  After a week of attending lectures, you now have a long weekend coming up. You…

6. You are in the middle of an extremely boring lecture. You…

7. You enter the college in your car and just when you are about to park someone steals your parking spot. You...

8. You see your distant friend wearing an awesome outfit. You... 

9. You find out that your crush is hanging out with a fresher in the canteen. You… 


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