Based On How You Plan To Spend Summers, Can We Suggest Which Frozen Dessert You Should Try Next?

Summer is here...

... and no matter how much you try, it always ends up taking the better of you. Truth be told, there aren’t many reasons to really like the season. But one that certainly makes it to the list is a frozen dessert. While you can eat one anytime you want, it's only in summers that you experience its true soul-soothing effect. Despite the heat, I still make those trips to the grocery store, every Sunday, just so that I can go to the deep freezer and pick a different variant of the deliciousness. Every dessert sets a different mood and hence, we came up with this quiz to guess the best possible variant you could try to beat the heat. Let’s go!

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What is on top of your priority list for this summer?

Which summer time movie would you re-watch?

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500 Days of Summer. For all my faith in love.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer - to feel the chill.

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Roman Holiday. Classic & the best.

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Marley and Me. For them doggo feels.

 It’s Sunday noon. Your best friend’s called you to meet urgently. You…

Pick a sauce that makes summer taste better!

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Tomato. Duh! It’s incomplete otherwise.

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Hot sauce! Always there in my bag.

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Cheesy garlic spread ‘cause it’s heavenly.

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Mint chutney is mandatory. Period.

 How many times do your shower on a day when it’s burning outside?

Which of the following would you pick for a date?

You need to buy a new perfume for the season. Choose a fragrance.

You’re at a restaurant. They serve you a not-at-all-cold cold drink. Kya karoge?


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