Is being a nice person your life’s métier? Does saving money prove to be a herculean task no matter how many money management books you devour? A new study has found that there might be a relation between the two.

Yes, you heard that right. 

Being a nice and agreeable person = less money in your bank account. And science is actually backing the claim on this one.

If you can relate with the two traits, then you’ve been affected with what’s known as agreeableness. People afflicted with this personality trait put helping others up at the top of the priority ladder even when they have a weak bank balance.

In short, altruism is bad for those numbers popping up on your bank account.

This is what the study conducted by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychological says:

Agreeableness is negatively related to savings, this relationship might be partly mediated by the fact that agreeable people assign less value to money than do their disagreeable counterparts. Because they care less about money, they are more prone to money mismanagement.

In layman terms:

And this data has been gathered from three million people through surveys, bank account data (*coughs* PayTM *coughs*), and other information available publicly.

The study also found that higher levels of agreeableness was directly proportional to bankruptcy. 

So does this justify if you turn into an asshole? Not yet. 

Source: Giphy

You can be nice and have a workable finance. It's just that you need to attend to your own needs first to build up your finances so that helping others won't heavily knock down numbers from your bank balance.