Beards are one of the first few things that most women notice about a man. 

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And then why not? When it comes to the gorgeous mane, there's something captivating, mesmerising and absolutely enchanting about it. A certain appeal that reels us in and gets us hooked. And that's reason enough to celebrate beards. 

So here are some of the best beards of 2017 on Instagram. 

Everyone likes a lil' bit of salt with their pepper, right? 

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A handsomely dressed man with a beard is always a joy to look at.  

Source: i_shaan

Will you look at that!?

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He always makes it to the list. I mean, how can he not? 

Source: Kishal
Source: NitinChauhanOfficial

Long hair + perfect mooch + a full beard = Beardiful

Source: NikhilAlag

Beard, aesthetics, style, he's got everything on point. 

Source: FarzeenKhan

Mr. India sure has a lot of suave.   

Source: Prathamesh Maulingkar

Need we say anything? 

Source: HarshitArora

There's so much joy in the beard, even he can't stop smiling. 

Source: TheBeardedLord

The Ready-To-Save-The-World, Superman pose is definitely working.  

Source: MohamedImran

Beard with retro shades? Now that's a killer combo.  

Source: BeardsEyeView

Sassiness does go superbly well with beards, doesn't it?  

Source: DhruvDhody

Anything we say will not be enough for this baap of all beards.  

Source: MantaZOfficial

We're loving the bohemian vibes of this beardo.  

Source: HimanshuDayal

 A full beard has its charm, but so does the prickly stubble. 

Source: ShaktiYadav

Now that's a spread! 

Source: EatTripClick

Can anyone even compete with this whole look?

Source: TabishMistry

The pensive look always works well with them beards, doesn't it? 

Source: AfterANap

Curly hair and a strong beard game is definitely appealing. 

Source: UnbrokenVillain

Well, what can we say, long may the beard reign!