Countless movies have told us our significant other is our best friend. The movie ends when you find 'the one' & all is right with the world.

But guess what? for women IRL, nobody can replace their BFFs, not even their one true love. 

According to a study, women like their best friends more than their spouses.

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1517 women were a part of the study and more than 50 per cent claimed that their girlfriends were their first priority and not their husbands.

There a lot of reasons why women would prefer their BFFs over their BAEs but the ones listed in the study were:

Women feel they can tell their best friend anything and everything as compared to their husbands.

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And that led to them saying that their best friends are better listeners. 

They also added that they feel more at ease with their personality in front of their besties rather than their hubbies.

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A lot of them also mentioned that they had a lot in common with their partner-in-crime as compared to their partner-for-life. 

Some of them went as far as saying that their gal-pal got on their nerves less than their romantic pal, and that they have a better sense of humour. 

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And lastly, since women are born-therapists, most of them feel that their best friend offered way better advice than their husbands.

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Guys, more for you to be jealous of.