After the critically acclaimed Trapped, ace director Vikramaditya Motwane is back with a new superhero action flick called Bhavesh Joshi.

The teaser for which was released recently. 

Source: Phantom

Now, India's track record for superhero movies hasn't been anything...Well, how do I put it...worth boasting about. 

But honestly speaking, the teaser for Bhavesh Joshi starring Harshvardhan Kapoor does look different.

And I hope I'm not wrong. 

Source: Phantom

Because going by the teaser, the film does have a Marvel-ish vibe to it.

Quite unlike its Indian made predecessors. 

Source: Phantom films

The action scenes look well choreographed. 

Source: Phantom

And overall, the film looks really gritty.

Source: Phantom

Looks like the YouTube ki junta likes it too.

Check out the teaser right here.