People try to pin almost everything - your personality, favourite colour, ideal career(s), ideal match(es), according to when you are born. There must be hardly anyone who did not spend (some/most) time matching their zodiac compatibility with that of their first crush's (Any Linda Goodman fans there?) Silly? Yes. Fun? Hell yes. Logical? Hell no.

But a new study has found compelling evidence to suggest that the month you are born in actually can affect your risk of developing 55 different diseases, out of 1,688 conditions. Some of these links were previously known, but 16 had not been identified before.

In case, you were wondering what these diseases mean, here's a helpful guide.

Essential Hypertension - High blood pressure with no definable cause

Cardiomyopathy - Heart muscle disease

Chronic Myocardial Ischemia - Blockage of arteries reduces blow flow to the heart muscle

Acute upper respiratory infection - Contagious infection such as cold

Malignant neoplasm of overlapping lesion of bronchus and lung - Lung cancer

Atrial fibrillation - Abnormal heartbeat

Congestive cardiac failure - Heart failure where the heart doesn't pump blood effectively

Mitral valve disorder - Valve between heart's left atrium and ventricle doesn't work properly

Primary malignant neoplasm of prostate - Prostate cancer

Angina - Chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart

Cardiac complications of care - Complications following surgery

Pre-Infarction system - Abrupt development or worsening of angina

Watch out and keep in good health, folks.