Going out to eat has become norm now. Not only is it relaxing and saves you from a tedious cooking session but you also get to spoil yourself rotten. Except -- some menus really don't know how to draw a line and will literally feed you .. anything.

Here are 26 menus that have us ROFL'ing our asses off.

1. Nope. Dumpster nothing, buddy.

Image Source: twitter.com

2. Hello friends! Kuch bhi khalo!

Image Source: reddit.com

3. Killing in the name of -

Image Source: ilovemyveg.blogspot.com

4. Don't think you should try their potatoes.

Image Source: dailygreatest.com

5. Why are you feeding me dirty beans, a pot-head and a sour sheep?

Image Source: pinterest.com

6. Sly way of announcing your doom.

Image Source: thetraveltart.com

7. Sorry but dicks don't have a heart. Telling you from experience.

Image Source: pinterest.com

8. I don't eat children, cold or hot.

Image Source: mediavida.com

9. Literally, never heard of these expressions before.

Image Source: tathasta.com

10. So vague, yet so direct.

Image Source: facepalm.com

11. There's chicken, then there's real chicken.

Image Source: oddee.com

12. Will eating Wikipedia increase my knowledge?

Image Source: flickr.com

13. Looks like they cooked the cowboy.

Image Source: brunchgirl.blogspot.com

14. Gingers ko dafa karo.

Image Source: flickr.com

15. Pehle thhi, ab nahin hain, they flied away.

Image Source: pinterest.com

16. But I want imaginable pork.

Image Source: sl.travel2w.com

17. I don't want anybody's pee, thank you very much.

Image Source: pinterest.com

18. Will that make my kidney.. irritable?

Image Source: complex.com

19. What about God with some butterscotch?

Image Source: keywordsuggest.org

20. I think this menu is behind bars now.

Image Source: fitbomb.com

21. No, I don't want to eat an angry customer.

Image Source: dailyedge.ie

22. I don't penetrate chickens. Neither do I eat them.

Image Source: ilikr.net

23. Will eating this transform me into a superstar?

Image Source: scroll.in

24. Someone clearly has a thing against ducks.

Image Source: funnybah.com

25. You mean, at a comic festival? Roast away.

Looks like Anand Mahindra agrees, hesitantly.

Image Source: twitter.com/anandmahindra

26. This chicken must've been a teenager before it was cooked.

Image Source: drheckle.net

Humko nahin mangta.