Summer is here. And while we try to find newer ways to beat the heat every year, ice-cream remains a constant when it comes to cooling ourselves. After all, who doesn't like ice-cream? With new flavours coming out each day, we're definitely spoilt for choices.

However, the latest addition to the galaxy of ice-cream flavours is looking both shocking and enticing at the same time.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the black ice-cream.

Source: morgensternsnyc

The proud creator of this unique flavour happens to be a New York based ice-cream parlour called Morgenstern's.

Source: Morgensterns

Apparently, the flavour is called 'coconut ash' and we're guessing (and hoping) it tastes like that as well.

Source: Morgensterns

And since not all of us can go and personally have it, here are some pics for you to drool on.

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Source: Blam
Source: Drool NYC
Source: Metal sucks

Damn, now even I want one!

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