Note: It goes without saying, there be spoilers here.

Netflix's latest offering, Black Mirror's Bandersnatch, might possibly change the way entertainment is consumed. Or it might not.

Depends on what choice we make. Point is, Netflix claims that with over a trillion story combinations, Bandersnatch has about 5 'main' different endings. So here's a list of the ones we found while watching Bandersnatch.

1. The short and 'happy' ending

The first ending is kind of out of the blue. When Stefan gets the chance to work with Colin and Tuckersoft you're given a choice to 'Accept' or 'Refuse'. If you accept, Colin comes up to you with a not-so-cryptic 'you chose the wrong path'.

The show then fast forwards to Christmas where we see his game being reviewed pretty poorly. Stefan mutters that he 'needs to try again' and you get to go back.

2. The ending when Stefan jumps off the balcony

When Stefan's dad takes him to see the psychiatrist, you're given the choice to go for the session or follow Colin. If you choose Colin, what follows is en eye-opening acid session involving the true meaning of PAC man, among other things.

And that's when you're given a scary choice. Either Colin jumps off the balcony, or Stefan does. When Stefan makes the jump, he dies. Bandersnatch is then finished without Stefan and with no rating.

3. When Stefan decides to take his medication & you get a semi-happy ending

Instead of following Colin, if you choose to make Stefan talk to the doctor, the story goes on to a fairly happy ending. Dr. Haynes prescribes some medication for Stefan, and again you're given a choice. If you choose to take the pills, Stefan's mental breakdowns come under control and the game is released to a poor reception, with a rating of 2.5/5.

The video game reviewer makes a point to say it's almost as if the creator 'went on autopilot' and Stefan says he needs to go again.

4. The meta Netflix ending

When you pick up the family photo, the story branches off into two main story lines. When Stefan asks for a sign, if you choose Netflix, you end up explaining to Stefan that you're watching him on a '21st Century entertainment streaming platform'.

Then depending your choice, it either ends up in a fight scene, with Stefan being dragged out of the psychiatrist's building while he's laughing manically, or with Stefan realising he's on the set of a movie and he's actually an actor called Mike.

5. The end of Bandersnatch & Tuckersoft

When Stefan asks for a sign, if you choose the White Bear sign, Stefan panics. He ends up killing his dad (if you choose not to, the show ends).

If you choose to bury the body, you get a call from Thakur asking about the game's deadline. Depending on whether you followed Colin earlier or not, and on how you answered the call, one of Thakur, Colin or Kitty comes to the house. Ultimately, the cops find out, Stefan goes to jail, Bandersnatch doesn't release and Tuckersoft fails.

Oh and also maybe Thakur or Colin dies.

6. Stefan finds out he's been part of a government project

This is the branch you get to when Stefan picks up the book and has met Colin at his place. Stefan wakes up in the middle of the night and discovers his Dad was part of a secret government project and that Stefan's life up till now was a carefully controlled operation.

Stefan ends up killing his dad and  threatening Dr. Haynes. The cops arrest Stefan, but the game gets released anyway and gets a 2.5 rating.

7. Stefan gets arrested, the game is published and we're in the future/present

This branch is basically the same as the previous up to the point where Stefan kills his dad. If you choose to chop him up, Stefan manages to finish his game, which gets a 5/5 rating.

Ultimately, Stefan is caught for the murder of his dad and we then find ourselves in the future, where Colin's daughter is working on the Netflix version of Bandersnatch. Pretty soon, she runs into the same problems that Stefan did.

8. The time travelling ending

For this ending, when Stefan encounters the safe, you need to choose 'TOY' as the pass code. Stefan then recovers his old toy and travels back in time to place the toy in its proper place.

The problem is, that his mum and him are still delayed, and have to take the ill-fated 8:45 train. If you choose to go with the mum, young Stefan and his mum end up dying in the train crash. The scene then switches back to the 'present' where Stefan has died while sitting in Dr. Haynes office.

Confused? This redditor helpfully made a flowchart for the show. This isn't complete yet:

Source: Reddit

Side note: We might've missed a few, so be a darling and let us know in the comments, please?