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May 26, 2016 at 18:44

Here Are The Talented Stylists Behind Bollywood’s Best Dressed Celebrities

by Shruti Pillai

The A-list of Bollywood celebs collectively gives us all style goals - ain't nobody that can deny that. But there are others we have to thank, for not only dressing the best of the best in B-town but also for consequently setting all trends as we know them.

Here are the people behind some of Bollywood's style kings and queens and their forever flawless look.


1. Sonam Kapoor - Rhea Kapoor & team

While Sonam's also been known to rely on stylista Pernia Qureshi to give her the right style advice, her dear sister Rhea Kapoor and her team form her primary style team. With God as my witness, she's doing a fabulous job.


Source: News Tadka


Source: Rediff


Source: Mid-Day


Source: Rediff


2. Fawad Khan - Rhea Kapoor & team

Apart from her sister Sonam, Rhea has also got Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan on her books. And she's definitely got it going for him with the all slick blazers and shirt-vest combos! *swoon*


Source: Pinterest


Source: Bollywhat


Source: Indian Express


3. Arjun Kapoor - Rhea Kapoor & team

Yet another big name on the 'other Kapoor sister's' roster, Arjun Kapoor has transformed his look over the last few years and for all we know it's thanks to Rhea and her team of magic workers.


Source: HD Wallpapers 20


Source: Glamsham


4. Deepika Padukone - Anaita Shroff Adajania

A perpetual stunner, Padukone has stolen many hearts on screen and off and a lot of that may have to do with the style and elegance that fills her wardrobe. No wonder she only trusts Anaita Shroff Adjania with creating her the perfect look every single time.


Source: Luxemi


Source: Gossip Centers


Source: The Place 2


Source: 99 PC Wallpapers


Source: All Cine Gallery


5. Kareena Kapoor - Tanya Ghavri

A Kapoor girl and  married to a nawab,  Kareena's perpetually under pressure to look her absolute best. That's why she's chosen Tanya Ghavri for the task and she's certainly doing a stellar job.


Source: Luxemi


Source: Rediff


Source: First Post


6. Katrina Kaif - Tanya Ghavri

Who in all of the land has the nerve to question the perfection of every one of Katrina's looks? That's right, nobody. And that's all thanks to Ghavri's genius.


Source: Koi Moi


Source: Voompla


Source: Miss Malini


7. Priyanka Chopra - Ami Patel

Priyanka Chopra is an international diva and the diva is always dressed to impress. And guess what, the credit for every one of her impressive AF looks goes to none other than Ami Patel.


Source: Lemill India


Source: Indian Express


Source: Indian Express


Source: English Samachar


8. Alia Bhatt - Ami Patel

Yet another Bollywood sensation to Ami Patel's credit is Alia Bhatt. The young actress has already claimed chic and fresh as her territory and she's got Ami Patel to thank.


Source: Exclusively


Source: YouTube


Source: DNA India


9. Ranveer Singh - Nitasha Gaurav

The man's sense of style needs no introduction unless you've been living under a rock. Every one of Ranveer's looks is characterised by the concept of shock and awe. Nitasha Gaurav, his stylist, has really tapped into his personality to dress him perfectly.


Source: Twitter


Source: Indian Express


Source: Rediff


Source: India Today


10. Arjun Rampal - Nitasha Gaurav

Yet another Bollywood hunk she's responsible for is Arjun Rampal. Nitasha's really managed to use his wardrobe to highlight just how suave and effortless it can be for Rampal to look irresistible.


Source: Bollywood Mantra


Source: India Forums


11. Sonakshi Sinha - Sakshi Mehra and Chinar Desai

Sonakshi's uber-confident and individualistic outlook on style in Bollywood is perfectly encapsulated in the style book drawn out for her by her stylist duo, Mehra and Desai.


Source: Movie Review Preview


Source: Koi Moi


Source: India Today


Source: Filmi Beat


12. Karishma Kapoor - Esha Amin

Karishma Kapoor is one of Bollywood's evergreen beauties and god knows this reflects in all her appearances. And it's Esha Amin that's responsible for the Kapoor hottie's perfect look.


Source: YouTube


Source: Verve Magazine


Source: India Times


13. Imran Khan - Vainglorious

When it comes to menswear lists, Imran Khan is a grossly underrated and wildly stunning dresser. The Vainglorious duo, Priyanka and Kazim are responsible for coolest new styles no matter where he goes.


Source: Twitter


Source: India Today


Source: Magxone


Source: Book My Show


14. Anushka Sharma - Allia Al Rufai

No list of Bollywood stylists is even near complete without mentioning Allia Al Rufai. She's dressed Anushka Sharma on several occasions, and do I even need to mention just how eye-popping the result always was?


Source: Miss Malini


Source: Beautiful Journey


Source: Filmi Beat


Source: Indian Express


Source: Bolly Squad


15. Kangana Ranaut - Allia Al Rufai

Yes, Rufai also takes credit for dressing one of the industry's most successful actresses. Kangana may be Queen  on screen, but Rufai is the behind-the-scenes queen to all that admire Ranaut's look, and a lot of us do!


Source: Peaches And Blush


Source: Voompla


Source: India Today


16. Nargis Fakhri - Allia Al Rufai

Yet another stunning feather in Rufai's cap, Nargis may be one of the hottest stars Bollywood's seen in recent times. And a lot of that has to do with the flawless style guidance she's gotten from her personal style guru, Rufai.


Source: Rediff


Source: Indian Cinema Gallery


Source: UInterview


17. Kriti Sanon - Sanjana Batra

The fresh new face that rocked Bollywood in Dilwale  and made several pretty impressive promotional appearances, Kriti Sanon was dressed by Sanjana Batra who clearly knew exactly how to channel all her quirkiness into her wardrobe.


Source: YouTube


Source: India Today


Source: Wonder Woman


Source: Share Stills


18. Kajol - Triporna Majumder

Kajol's super-chic and elegant look is brought to you by none other than Triporna Majumder. She makes Kajol's look speak volumes for her unarguable status as Bollywood royalty.


Source: Pinkvilla


Source: Scoopnest


Source: Magnamags


19. Shahid Kapoor - Antara Motiwala

Shahid Kapoor may be one of our most effortless hotties and his look is to be credited to Antara Motiwala. The woman behind his stunning carefree, yet endlessly suave style, Motiwala really has made many women swoon with her work.


Source: Twitter


Source: Share Stills


Source: Online News Ind


Source: Woo Bollywood


Lets face it, without these style Gods, our favourite Bollywood celebs would probably not be the same. They're doing holy work, people. It is known.

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