No matter what part of the world you might be in, there will always be Potterheads around. In fact, I am sure we might just find some alien Potterheads in outer space too; Harry Potter is that big a phenomenon. And even after all this while, our love for this magical series hasn’t reduced one bit. 

This is the reason why the news about a new Harry Potter-themed cafe in Pakistan has delighted us so much. Yes, there is a brand new Harry Potter-themed cafe in Islamabad, Pakistan, and it’s everything you ever wished for!

It’s called the Hogwarts Cafe.

The cafe is the brainchild of two brothers, also ardent Harry Potter fans, and is totally MAGICAL.

They even replicated the floating candles of the Great Hall.

Even the menu has been decided keeping true to the magic of the series!

You can enjoy your magical delights while reading any of the books kept here.


Or just read the walls. 

In fact, every table has a symbol drawn on it, so you can choose which side you’re on. 

There’s also a small figurine on each table. It could be Harry, Hermione, Hedwig or anything else. 


You can even buy cool Harry Potter merchandise like the Time Turner locket or coffee mugs. 

Oh, and most importantly, they serve Butterbeer to wizards and muggles alike. Hooray!

If only we owned a wand, going here would have been easy-peasy! *Sob sob*