JK Rowling just keeps on warming our hearts with her words of wisdom and acts of kindness.

The world-famous author does everything in her power to offer any form of support possible to millions and millions of fans across the globe. She showed us her magic once again when she sent some joy to terror-struck Syria.

Fatameh, the mother of 7-year-old Bana Alabed, has been tweeting regularly from Aleppo, sharing updates about the day-to-day situation in the war-struck zone.

She even tweeted to JK Rowling, stating how much her daughter enjoyed watching a Harry Potter movie and expressing her desire to read the book next.

Rowling even responded to the tweet, sending her love to the mother-daughter duo.

But Fatemah’s follow-up tweet was a sad reflection of the Syrian crisis.

No worries though. Rowling found a way to fulfil the little girl’s wish! She sent electronic copies of the entire book series to Bana.

The ecstatic mother responded to the gesture immediately and conveyed her thankfulness.

The act must have brought Rowling great satisfaction too, as reflected in her final tweet to Bana.

Hope this gift can bring some hope and more courage to Bana. She certainly has many wonderful lessons to learn from the franchise. Glad to know she now has a little haven in the midst of the ongoing bombings and violence in her hometown.

Good luck and best wishes to these two!