For the last few days, we've been hearing a lot about an online game that urges teenagers to end their lives. The horrifying game, which originated in Russia, has made its way to India as well and a couple of cases of teenagers killing themselves have been linked with this dreaded game.   

For the uninitiated, the game called 'The Blue Whale Challenge' is an online dare which consists of 50 tasks which a participant must complete in 50 days. The challenge gives fairly simple tasks at the beginning, gradually increasing the intensity of the violence. From watching horror videos to waking up at odd hours and slashing yourself, the dare slowly prepares teenagers towards taking their lives. It brainwashes naive teens, who might already be depressed and have suicidal thoughts, into killing themselves.

A 22-year-old Russian, Philipp Budeikin, is the one who apparently invented this sick suicide game. The death game traces its origin to 2013 when Budeikin began interacting with youngsters online, mostly impressionable teenagers. During his search for teenagers who were gullible enough to play the game, he had Skype chats with them, asking them to talk about themselves and watch depressing and gory videos online.

After selecting the emotionally weak teenagers who could be easily manipulated, he invited them to take The Blue Whale Challenge. The horrifying dare has claimed 130 lives in Russia so far.

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Considering social media's power to impact people's lives and thoughts, why not use it for a constructive purpose? Why not create a game that challenges people to take up positive tasks that might change their lives for good? Keeping this in mind, we've come up with 'My Karma', a game that has 50 tasks, one for each day. This is an initiative to boycott The Blue Whale Challenge and channelise people's energy towards something positive.

Let's see if you can finish it. 

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