In an effort to break stereotypes around certain clothes associated with a particular gender, three male students from Mumbai's Nirmala Niketan College dressed up in women attire on women's day.  The idea was to trigger a discussion about breaking gender stereotypes.

The three students Madhusudan Bandar, Jay Vyas, and Yash Jain said they wanted to question the societal mindset that questions a man if he decides to dress up as a woman and associates a particular attire with women alone.

Jay Vyas, who wore a salwar kameez argued that people don't have an issue with girls dressing up as a man but look down upon men who wear girls' clothes.

Describing his experience, Yash told Mid-Day,

"When we went out for lunch, there were some office going men who had a big laugh."

Yash also mentioned that although it was "liberating" initially, it did make him uncomfortable as the dress was "tight".

The boys had borrowed the clothes from their female classmates of their class. They hope to take try the experiment outside campus as well.