Bras. Braziers. Bralettes. Every girl's best friend and sometimes, the worst enemy.

Here are some memes on our love-hate relationship with our bras.

1. It's the best feeling ever. Period.

2. No can do, my friend.

3. Tell me, do you suffocate?

4. How to stop?! HALP!

5. Some goodbyes are the hardest.


7. Bras and summers don't mix.

8. It's a lot!

9. Majboori ka naam padded bra.

10. Why do you do this to me?

12. My bra-ther's got my back. And my front.

13. To comfort or not to comfort?

14. Tu hi toh meri dost hai.

15. The real MVP.

Our closest friend, our worst enemy...