It's a warm spring afternoon and you're wondering whether your diet plan is working or not. You look at your shirt which is still not as loose as you want it to be. Is your diet plan not working? According to a study by the Johns Hopkins University, your brain is to blame for all the failed attempts at living a healthy lifestyle.

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In a press release, senior author of the study, Susan M. Courtney says

"We don't have complete control over what we pay attention to. We don't realize our past experience biases our attention to certain things."

Your brain loves getting rewarded. Happiness is caused due to the secretion of dopamine in your system. Every time you have something unhealthy, which is almost always delicious, your brain floods your system with dopamine. 

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Dopamine is addictive in a sense that your brain craves for more all the time. This is how you end up having that tasty aloo chat near your house everyday even though you promise yourself every night that this was the last time.

This is a way of training your body for dopamine. The "pleasure secretion" inside your brain overpowers your intellect into believing that a little more of the unhealthy habit is going to be okay for your body. Yep, scumbag dopamine.

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We know that you've not been able to keep up with your diet but now you finally have something to put the blame on - your own brain.

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