'Being broke' is every millennial's perpetual state of life. Whether it's impractical spending habits or the economy, we are just hanging by a thread.

Here are some memes about how it is to be a broke millennial.

1. Every millennial's emotion after reading stuff like this.

2. Please don't bother me with this nonsense of being responsible.

3. Sorry, wrong number bro.

4. Cheap thrills.

5. But how can I use the old one once the new one is out? That's the rule.

6. Will I ever retire?

7. Aamdani athani, kharcha rupaiya...

8. Bhai, soch samajh ke decision lena.

9. I like to live on the edge.

10. A question I ask myself every day.

11. The fact that I already have 999 red lipsticks doesn't matter here.

12. The graph falls down very quickly.

13. How do I win an argument with myself?

14. Who cares about the crippling debt I'm under?

15. Sensible decisions? LMAO, what's that?

16. Sorry, the number you're trying to reach is currently out of service. Of course because the bill isn't paid!

If you feel bad for me, you're more than welcome to send me some money.