The moment we tick January off our calendars, the entire world starts going gaga over Valentine's Day. Suddenly, social media gets loaded with mush as everyone professes their love. Hearts, teddies and chocolates fill up the shelves in all stores while couples start making their plans for the day. Greeting cards sell the idea of the clichéd 'romantic' proposal with the prince charming on the horse, the lady in her red dress and the clinking of wine glasses. Diamonds and platinum become the symbol of love and a series of special deals are shelled out just for couples. All the offers in the world but none for us happily single people. 

Yes, that's one of the major reasons why we singles tend to sulk on Valentine's day. Why does no one think of celebrating the equally joyous state of being single?

Just when I was getting sick of these clichés, I came across this funny video by Burger King where they plan a surprise for their single customers. It begins with a few of them folks coming into an outlet to grab their favourite Whopper. However, as they walk-in to order, they receive a rather unexpected and must I say, flirtatious surprise. Now that's what I can call a well-thought, delightful Valentine's gift. And I'm sure all singles would agree! Watch the entire video here.